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Forgot to charge your powerbank? Forgot to bring along your powerbank? We bring the solutions to you. A user-friendly powerbank that is perfectly designed for our green future! It is very convenient to bring along anywhere anytime.
Find our locations, GRAB it and GO.

Product Overview

Charging can be more convenient!

  • Size: 205mm (length) x 130mm (width) x 155mm (station height) or 175mm (overall height with powerbank)
  • Overall weight: 1.85Kg
  • Internet Connection: 4G
  • Powerbank quantity: 5 Ports
  • Power supply cable length: 6 Feet
  • Operation: Fully automated self service, Plug and Play with App integration

How to use

Grab and Go! Just follow FOUR simple steps as described below.

Step 1
1. Location Search

Download Raysen App to search for the nearest available charging station and create a new account at the app. Complete the registration with refundable deposit payment.

Step 2
2. Powerbank Unlock

Via App, scan QR code that is annexed to the charging station. Lift up the unlocked powerbank to start charging your device even you are on the go!

Step 3
3. Powerbank Return

Upon charging your device to the fullest possible, insert and lock back the powerbank at any location available in the App. The rental rate is in hourly basis with a maximum charge capped at RM 5.00 for every 24 hours.

Step 4
4. Deposit Refund

Upon the submission of your request, your deposit will be refunded into your account within seven working days.

Frequently asked questions

The following FAQ might give you a better understanding on Raysen powerbank.

There is a QR code on every charging station. Scan the code with camera app (or LINE or WeChat) via your phone and you will be guided through a link for app downloading (can be downloaded via Google Play Store or Apple Store too) and account registration in complete with deposit payment which is fully refundable. Raysen powerbank will then be unlocked and pop out within few seconds. Lift up the unlocked powerbank and experience Raysen fast charge technology even when you are on the go!
Raysen powerbank is inbuilt with three cables adaptation (Micro USB / Type C / IOS Lightning) to ensure almost all type of phones can enjoy Raysen fast charge technology. The heavy duty cables are designed at the rear side in grey color.
This rarely happen. If it is so, you may try to press the on/off button designed in black color at the side edge of the powerbank. If your phone still not being charging, you may insert and lock back the powerbank into the station and re-scan the QR code (which is annexed to the station) to pop out another powerbank.
Balance is not refundable. Deposit refund is guaranteed at a maximum of 7 working days. Often, it will be refunded to your account earlier than 7 working days. Every e-Payment wallet and bank's credit card or debit card have their own company policy. Also, all payments are processed by online payment third party company.
Tuck in the cable(s) and insert powerbank into any available empty slot of the charging station in according to the direction of "RETURN " printed on powerbank. Press down the powerbank into the empty slot to lock it.
So far no such failure happen before. What you need to do is to ensure you have pressed down and LOCK the powerbank into the charging station. You may WhatsApp or contact us at +6010 - 656 8572 if have further doubts. Or else you may also reach us at
Be worry free. This hardly happen. Payment can only be generated after powerbank has been returned and locked. You may WhatsApp or contact us at +6010 - 656 8572 if have further doubts. Or else you may also reach us at
Please check whether is there any sufficient balance allowance in your existing payment account. Or else you may try with other payment account and/or payment method. If the failure still persist, you may WhatsApp or contact us at +6010 - 656 8572. You may also reach us at

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Download Raysen APP now to explore any nearest charging station(s) to keep your fruitful productive day to the maximum even when you are on the go!

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Our Team

We are Malaysian startup company which always believe that sharing is simply the best caring for everyone to keep life fruitful. With such belief, here is where we at the era of sharing community that constantly build up a sharable platform where everyone can maximize respective productive day even when you are on the go. We launched ecovative powerbanks charging station(s) into the market in the third quarter of 2020. With Apps integration, Raysen powerbank(s) operate in a fully automated self-service mode.

From now, you have no stress against your forgetful in charging your smart device. Anytime, anywhere, you will never be trapped in low battery anxiety anymore. No more multiple tangled cables to carry around.

What's more? Download our App now! And locate our nearest powerbank sharing station on map to experience a completely new way of green lifestyle to power up your phone, tablet, headphones or whatever smart devices that often critically running out of battery.

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